Userboxes are small templates of colored boxes that are designed to appear on a user's userpage. They are used for fun purposes of the users and should not be used anywhere else except the user's userpage.

If a user uses it somewhere else that is not their userpage, they will receive a warning then a one-week block.

Below are the list of userboxes available.

List of userboxes

Click the links on how to use it.


Myrtle This user is a fan of Myrtle.
Karen This user is a fan of Karen.
Roy This user is a fan of Roy.
Jai and Joj This user is a fan of Jai and Joj.
Ryan This user is a fan of Ryan.
Alec This user is a fan of Alec.


PBB4 This user watches Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4.

More userboxes will soon to come. But if you already want a specific userbox that is not shown, send a message to PatTag2659 and he will create one for you.

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